Prepaid Dashboard
Entel Telecommunications
With a history of 50+ years, Entel, a telecommunications company in Chile, has become the leader in the industry serving consumers and enterprises. Entel’s fast growing brand expanded to Peru in 2014 and in only 3 years grew to 6.5+ million mobile users. As a leader in telecommunications, Entel wants to stay relevant and keep users engaged.
Prepaid users, needed an easy way to access their account information and usage. The variety of data, voice and SMS packages was confusing for the user to manage and keep track. Multiple packages with different expiration dates became difficult to manage.
As UI/UX designer my role was to create a user-friendly and responsive dashboard for the user to manage their prepaid services.
Change tabular array of data to a dashboard where users can visualize data consumption for their accounts, as well as give context on each transaction occurred within a maximum range of two months.
User can see a summary with their balance, bonus and micro-loans, see active packages, how much data, voice and SMS are available, as well as a detailed history of their usage.
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